Saturday, October 14, 2006

Top 10 signs that you're lazy

TEN: You look at senior citizens riding motorized chairs with envy as they cruise the supermarket aisles.

NINE: You convince yourself that you don’t really need to go to the bathroom, and that it’s all in your head.

EIGHT: You email your colleague rather than walk up to their desk to ask for that file you wanted.

SEVEN: The minute you arrive somewhere you look for a chair/bench/sofa to sit on.

SIX: You don’t understand people who enjoy moving furniture around, just to see what the dining table would look like over there.

FIVE: You were thrilled when you read that your supermarket was prepared to deliver your groceries right to your door.

FOUR: You get tired when you watch the Olympics or the World cup.

THREE: You think gardening is drawing a plan for your gardener of where to put the petunias.

TWO: Walking your dog consists of you throwing his favorite toy and yelling fetch.

And the number ONE sign which proves you’re truly lazy…

You come up with ingenious Inspector Gadget type inventions of how to get things while sitting, like extendable arms or mini robots but never have the energy to actually create/patent/ produce the above mentioned.


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Omg! the last one is so true!!