Thursday, November 06, 2008


Today in the GDN.

Well yesterday actually, but I was so shocked that by the time I was conscious again to write about it the news became yesterday's. I've bolded the words that amused me. Let's see what the experts are proposing now:

Male doctors face clamp (oh please..they face nothing! That implies that this kind of garbage can actually hold ground and become legislation. Bullshit.)
MALE doctors could soon be banned from working in all maternity wards in Bahrain, if parliament has its way. MPs said at their weekly session yesterday many women were complaining that they were forced to reveal their "sensitive parts" to male doctors, which they say was making them feel uncomfortable. MY WHOLE PREGNANCY WAS UNCOMFORTABLE, A MALE DOCTOR WOULDN'T HAVE ADDED MUCH TO THAT DISCOMFORT!!!!

Parliament unanimously (that means all the dumb asses) voted in favour of the proposal, despite assurances by Health Ministry officials that they were already taking the issue into consideration.

Health Ministry assistant under-secretary for hospital affairs Dr Abdulhai Al Awadhi (someone who is probably qualified) said that the ministry was already giving patients the choice between male and female consultants and doctors.
"The patient has the right to choose and we don't force any doctor or consultant on any patient," he said.
"The number of male doctors and consultants is decreasing and out of 11 consultants, only four are males, while more than 90pc of our (maternity) doctors are females. (Are they being bullied out of the profession?)

"We have recently asked six male doctors to carry out maternity services, because many female staff members are taking the two-hour breastfeeding time-off from 9am to 11am, which is our peak time." (okay this guys' just looking for a platform to complain about the women, boo hoo he doesn't get to breast feed. WELL THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS. IT SURE AINT FUN!!!)

Dr Al Awadhi said that most consultants and doctors in Saudi Arabia and Iran were males. "There is no such obligation in those countries," he said. (I can't believe these are now our benchmarks for progress and freedom)

MP Sayed Maki Al Wedaie (someone who is obviously NOT qualified) said that Islam bans males and females touching "sensitive body parts" of members of the same sex or other sex, unless it is an emergency. (or for fun!)

Mr Al Wedaie, who is parliament's foreign affairs, defence and national security committee vice-chairman, said that maternity was not an emergency OH REALLY? BIAAATCH!!! and considered as a normal case. (YOU TELL ME HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF A HUMAN BEING TRIED TO CRAWL OUT OF YOU WITHOUT an EXPERIENCED man, woman or alien THERE TO PULL IT OUT! A NORMAL CASE IS WHAT I SHOULD USE TO SMACK YOUR HEAD ABOUT WITH)

I guess in his expertise, unless it was a troop of soldiers marching out of the woman, he really couldn't feel the urgency of the situation. By the way, when you're in labour you will let anyone and their mother look at whatever they want to look at, as long as they promise to get that baby out and stop the hellish contractions from trying to kill you. That, my friend, would be considered an emergency in any woman's book! So go play RISK and leave the real thinking to people with brains..and, uteruses...uterii... uterees-(oh forget it) ...ovaries.

"Instead of taking time off from 9am to 11am, those female doctors and consultants should take other timings, when operations are not at their peak." (Oh..There you go. Expert defense and national security man has solved it. And I thought it was going to be more complicated.)

Is it even constitutional to stop the livelihood of qualified licensed doctors in high demand, because of their gender, just because someone's wife didn't want the naughty doctor man to see her hoo-haa????

Go to a woman doctor. It really isn't that difficult. and GDN, please stop putting headlines of garbage, as if they bear any danger on our personal freedoms... THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

Actually the news says a lot about GDN than it says about the MPs in question... that blasted newspaper needs to learn a thing or two about what qualifies to be news and what's newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

UHMMMMMMMM What the hell?! Thanks for posting this. Your comments are hilarious and so spot on. Especially the bit about just wanting the baby out and not caring WHO sees anything.

This is beyond retarded. I used both a male and female doctor here, and they were both great. The male doctor had a nurse in the room with him at all times, and was extremely respectful and careful to make sure I was not uncomfortable in any way.

Now having said that, this doesn't mean there are not male (and female for that matter) doctors that are sickos, and may do something inappropriate. But only that person should be accountable, not the whole species.

And if that woman felt so uncomfortable, she shouldn't have gone to that male doctor.

Anonymous said...

IDIOTIC! IDIOTS! IDOCY! WHATEVER..GDN sucks.. they should print something more newsworthy.. when men start giving birth then they should talk! for now leave us "women" to make our own choices!