Monday, December 22, 2008

Whisker is missing

Hi everyone, I just want to put this on here in the hopes that someone will find Whisker. She went missing from our house or Garden in Jasra yesterday Dec 21 and without a trace. We think she might have been picked up by someone who found her wandering in the compound.

If anyone sees her, please keep her with you and contact us immediately.

I"m hoping she'll come back to us. We are so so sad.

Thanks Everyone.


SoulSearch said...

Very sad to hear the news. Any good news? Hope you find her soon! keep us posted!

F. Mattar said...

Thanks for asking SS, I miss her so much, but not a single clue yet as to where she's gone. Someone spotted a similar dog in Jasra, but when we went to investigate in the area, the workers there say they know nothing. :(