Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yearning to blog

I miss my blog. I miss my blog so much that even though I don't have a second to scratch my head from all the work that is being thrown at me, I snuck here for a quickie post.

I am currently imprisoned in my cubicle, typing random different things feverishly as I try to

go down my endless (and very fertile) To-Do list. Meanwhile, my mother is sending me MMS's of "the delicious one" doing a variety of CUTE things. My heart...oh my beateth for him. I post his charm, so you know how I suffer.

It is such a long bloody daaaaay!

The End.

ps. I wrote the first paragraph at 11:12 am. The second one at 3:07pm. And the last one at 4:50pm.


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Adorable. Allah ye7fedha!