Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silly Rabbit, Mini Burgers are for kids

Dear Fuddruckers Management,

I tried to order the mini burgers today which are quite delicious and just the right size portion so I don’t get a tummy ache. However there is a “rule” that states that I cannot order it, because its only for kids.

Now I’m not sure what to say to this because I always felt that I was a kid at heart. I’m also told by many people that I look younger than my years.

So the waiter (who was very polite—and a little bit apprehensive) had to call the MANAGER. It was as if I had ordered a bottle of Whiskey..and didn’t have ID…in Saudi Arabia.

The manager politely told me that “ as per the procedures..” the mini burger was only for kids and that I can have a value meal instead, which was the same size as two mini burgers combined but in one bun. But that –other than being a ridiculous suggestion- is like offering someone a whole potato and telling them it’s the same as sticking all the French fries together.

Uh, I don’t think so.

It would be very progressive and modern of you to bin this archaic rule which infringes on personal freedoms. Also most of the population is really fat and you should encourage smaller portions and healthy choices.

I thank you for your time and hopefully next time I come here I can order my mini burgers without calling in high officials, managers, and presenting a photo ID.

Kind regards,

Farah Mohd Mattar

(20 minutes after I finished eating my mini burger, which I was told I would get for the LAST time, a group of girls walked in and sat on the other side of the restaurant. When I over heard their conversation with the waiter and he began to explain that the value meal was the same size as two mini burgers and that it was against the system, I almost died laughing. They too signed the petition to FREE THE MINI BURGERS.)


SoulSearch said...

Hilarious Farooha! Miss your funny conversations on the staircase!
Hope Ali is happy & healthy
Take care


journey said...

hi babe. i just found out about your blog. it's amazing babe. i wish i knew about it before. God knows how much i needed to laugh this year. i tried calling you today to tell how happy readings your articles made me last night before i go to sleep.
anyways , keep them coming.

Sana said...

I love reading your stories Farah, especially after a long and not-so-interesting day.
Keep entertaining us Farah!

Hamed said...

You should publish this article in the GDN. It'll raise the standard of their stupid, crappy, boring, articles. Seriously do we have to kidnap a little kid and drag him into Fudds just to get mini-burgers?! Is this what it has come to!? This policy incentivizes CHILD trafficing I Object!

F. Mattar said...

Hahahaha, I actually gave them this letter and got a call from an Egyptian manager the next day. He told me I was free to order mini burgers any time I wanted, and that it was a rule to prevent the University students from finishing the kids meals. I told him it was still a stupid rule. If your mini burgers are so popular then just keep more stock in the shop!!

I went again recently and we went through the whole song and dance again, before I got my mini burgers...